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Tall Man Run gameplay instructions

Tallman Run provides a really enjoyable parkour experience. You must navigate through many obstacles and traps while also gathering cash and diamonds. The game has a range of levels and tasks that provide varying degrees of difficulty and barriers for players to overcome. To progress, you must go through numbered Barry portals to increase your stickman's height. Accumulate the highest numerical values to see significant development in both height and breadth of your character. Strive to increase your size to the maximum, overcome obstacles, and ultimately defeat the powerful boss.

Tall Man Run gameplay instructions
At the beginning of the game, you will be presented with three options. The first factor is speed, the second is height, and the third is breadth. By selecting one of the options listed above, you will get additional assistance in accumulating points. Be mindful of the positive points accumulated and the points that will be subtracted if an incorrect choice is made along the journey. Upon finishing the game, you will get goods and a tally of the purple diamonds you have collected. Accumulate several gems to purchase stuff from the store. You may purchase more stick figures and get more accessories to enhance the uniqueness of your stickman.

While navigating the racing course, aim to pass through gates that increase the Tallman's height or breadth and avoid those that make them smaller. Be cautious of snow rider 3d obstacles that may force the Tallman to descend rapidly, either fast navigating past them or using the leaping fields to elegantly hop over hurdles, all while gathering glittering diamonds. Use these valuable gems to buy boosters, unlock new skins, and get fun accessories for Tallman's forthcoming runs. Discover a range of headwear alternatives including hats, crowns, or antlers to give a stylish element to your brave friend.