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Sandbox Access Token

We are trying to generate access token using sandbox client id and credentials but it responds as Client authentication fails but on the other hand when we try to generate access token using Production credentials it works. Can you please tell why its not working on sandbox?

User accreditation status

Hi, Can we get the "user Accreditation status” (accredited, denied, expired, pending) without getting authorisation (access token) from the user (as done with API call)? Best, Enrique Rivero

webhook response format + examples

I am developing the logic to interpret what is received on the webhook. Could you please provide the format and type of possible responses reaching the webhook?

Advanced API Integration Permission Required

Hi, I am currently developing an app using InvestReady and I recieve a webhook from your app with userHash. I need to get user's email so as I understood I need to get list of Synced Users via https://api.sandbox.investready.com/api/wl/user/list.json by sending my app's Private Key as access_token. But it seems that "Advanced API Integration Permission Required" even for sandbox usage. Can you unlock it for me? Thanks, Dmitrii Pokidov

Webhook security

Hi, What is the recommended way to secure the webhook integration? The only way I can think of is the ACL based on IP filter. Is there anything else I can use? If it's IP filtering only, then what are the possible IPs that webhook messages are being sent from (both sandbox and production)? Regards, Oleg K

User Hash

Hi, the user hash in the webhook body, and the user hash retrieved from the user profile endpoint is different. they are very similar but have different lengths. Is this by design? how are we supposed to verify user hashes?

Manipulation of investor data in the sandbox

How can i update the accreditation status of users in the sandbox?

API billing

Are we charged for hitting certain API endpoints?

Accreditation expiration

When an investor's accreditation expires, I believe they get an email to update some documents in the platform. When this happens will there be a webhook call to my connected application with the new accreditation info including the new expiration date? And if so what will be the format? Is there a way to test this on the sandbox?

Reaccreditation not working

We have some scenarios where we want our investors to be accredited again to enroll for a different product. Right now if they have an active accreditation then we get this error 'This email is already taken'. Is there a way to allow an investor to reaccedit in this way? If not how would you suggest we fix this problem using your API?