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Portal to use investready without API

Is there a way we can manually add investor emails who want to the verfied to your system and you complete the process yourself with them? i.e. without connecting to your api? We have built a new platform for real estate crowdfunding to supplement our existing commercial real estate business. Since this is new to us we are trying to do a beta at the least possible costs, so do not want the added expense of connecting to an api right now. The way the system is built right now, if they try to inivest and they are not marked as verified on our system they will be told that they will get an email from us or a verification service (which would be you!), to get the process started. We would prefer not to verify ourseleves, but we need a way for you to reach them without us saying go contact the verification service on your own. If this does not make any sense, please call me at 515-556-7753. If it helps our test site is getreal.denbar.com/verstion-test